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Your Spirit



After watching Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network
and segments on Remembering Your Spirit,
I decided to try my best to devote more time
to helping others and giving of myself,
as well as remembering to take time out for myself
and to maintain a healthy spirit.


I am certain that giving of yourself and your time
to others in need is one
of the greatest things you can do in your life.
What could be greater
than making a positive difference in another persons life?
If you give to others, it comes back to you in so many ways!
I also believe that it is important to take time out
for yourself and stay in
touch with your spirituality,
to maintain a healthy outlook and spirit
for your life and for your family.
I'd like to share with you some of the great things
that you can do for others and for yourself!

I am still adding to this page as I get the time,
so check back
shortly to see the changes!



I became an Angel Mom on July 27th, 1999. This is a great
program in which you receive a child in need as your
adopted angel, and you send them cards, letters, and
gifts for holidays to make them feel special. Giving to
children is such an important thing. It is important for us to
take care of the children of the world
and it brings you so much joy! Please Click here to find out
how you can become an Angel Mom

Become an Angel Mom!

Come help us spread the joy at RAOK!

Globe by SueCat


Random Acts of Kindness is great! You can sign up to
give 5 minutes of your time daily to make someone else
feel good online, by signing a guestbook,
e-mailing someone with nice comments about their site,
sending an e-card, etc.,
or you can just support the organization.
Click on the Globe to find out how you can become a
member of RAOK, or surf the RAOK webring below
to visit more member sites!

I am also proud to be a member of the RAOK Anniversary
Committee, led by Mellocup9!
Happy Anniversary to all of my fellow RAOK friends!

It is such a mystery to me, why
prejudice occurs. We are all special in
our own different ways, and that is what
makes this world so wonderful!
We can start helping to wipe out
prejudice now by teaching our children,
and everyone we meet that we should
love everyone for who they are, and not
for what they look like or their beliefs!
Let's Stop The Hate!

    Let's Stop The Hate!
Become a Secret Sister!    

Net Sisters is also a great thing to be involved in!
You receive a secret sister to spoil with e-cards and
gifts,and you also receive a secret sister who
spoils you too!
It's a great way to meet new friends and feel
good about yourself, as well as making someone else
feel good about themselves, after all,
we are all sisters,aren't we?
Click on the image to find out more about
Secret Sisters!


Also, please visit my Missing Children's Page
to look at the banners
and links to see if you have seen any of the children.
Just a few minutes
of your time, could save the life of an innocent child


There are many more great charities on the internet
as well as in your own communities!
You could do something as simple as:


Pay a visit to an elderly neighbor who is homebound
Volunteer at your local shelter or school
Hold the door open for someone
Donate a bag of dog or cat food to your local pet shelter
Pick up trash in your city park
Let someone out in front of you in busy traffic
Tell people such as teachers, waitresses, daycare
providers, etc. what a great job they are doing
Just tell someone close to you how much they mean to you!


See how easy it is to come up with small ways to give someone a
boost and make a positive difference in someone's life!
Try it, and e-mail me and tell
me your stories,
or if you know someone who goes out of their way to help others,
e-mail me the information and a picture
and I'll feature them on my page!
Also, let me know of any great organizations
that you think should be listed here,
I'd love to check them out!

Random Acts Of Kindness Webring

Jenny Shiplett
Is A Caring Member Of RAOK!

Click here to join and learn about
Random Acts Of Kindness.



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