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"A Lifetime Together"

I remember the makeup,
The hair, and the dress,
I remember the decorations,
The arrangements, the stress.

I remember being as nervous,
As I possibly could be,
Then I looked up the aisle,
To the Man waiting for me.

My fears all subsided,
A smile covered my face,
My dreams came true,
At that exact time and place.

I walked slowly towards him,
While the song played for me,
Announcing my approach,
To my husband to be.

I stood there before him,
And what did I see?
The Man who I knew,
God meant just for me.

Two hearts became one,
And I don't think we knew,
How many blessings would come,
From two small words, "I Do".

As time has passed by,
And our family has grown,
Our love has remained,
As solid as stone.

We've shared many laughs,
As well as some tears
And we've made many memories,
Over all of these years.

I knew when I saw him,
He'd be my best friend,
And the Man I'd kiss goodnight,
At every day's end.

I look forward,
To many more memories together,
For this is a love,
That will last forever.

Jenny Shiplett

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