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Great Sites For Kids



The first link I am providing is to a site called
Surf Monkey. At this site, you can download, or fill
out a form to recieve a FREE CD by mail that contains
the Surf Monkey browser for kids. I can't say enough
good things about this browser. It has hundreds of
links on it to great kids sites, and it filters out any sites
that are inappropriate.It also offers kids their own e-mail account.
It is great for all ages! Trust me,
if you try it, you will love it!


PBS Kids has lots of fun stuff for kids featuring some of
their favorite characters, such as Arthur, Teletubbies,
and Sesame Street.

  Nick is a great site for older kids!

Nick Jr. is for the little tikes. It has great sounds,
pictures, and coloring and activity sheets to
print out from some of your favorite characters,
such as Blue's Clues, Little Bear, and Franklin!



Kids Com is a great site for all ages!
They have games you can play and
earn KidCash that you can redeem
for prizes! They also have Pen Pal
programs and lots of other activities!

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